Book Distribution Services

The mission of the UK Albanian Muslim Community & Cultural Centre is to provide a place of worship, learning and culture. It will be a place where the teachings and the message of Islam will create a spirit of tolerance and harmony for the Albanian Muslim community in London and throughout the United Kingdom and for the society. In working with other faith, we will seek to inform, educate and to bring about closer co-operation between different teachings, cultures and customs. We shall encourage integration, not separation, understanding knowledge, not ignorance.

Our aim is to disseminate knowledge related to religion and culture in order to promote a better understanding of both, which will in turn promote a better understanding and cohesion in the community at large. Through our Kurans and books distribution, we aim to reach a wide range of society.

The Book Distribution department currently has the Holy Kuran in different languages for free Distribution.

Please note that book requests are for collection only from the Centre, and we can only deal with requests from within the United Kingdom and not overseas.

Donated books are welcome, please talk to our Imam and provide details before you bring any books to the centre. Approval is a must, and this includes leaflets.

Any books are likely to be removed when displayed around the centre without management approval,

Opening times

Monday to Friday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Contact details

Tel: 020 7625 5789