About Us

“To cultivate our language (Mother tongue), religious beleifs and unify our community as well as the community at large based on the foundations of morality, justice, compassion and tolerance.”

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, Most Merciful
We are pleased to welcome you to UK Albanian Muslim Community and Cultural Centre based in Queens Park within the London Borough of Brent and within the borders of Camden and Westminster.

UK Albanian Muslim Community & Cultural Centre, formerly known as “Kosova Islamic Centre U.K. Ltd” was founded and established in 1994 in London by Zymer Salihi, H.A. Khalid, Syed Mohammad Tanzeem Wasti, and Bahri Bojaj, this was to fulfil the Community’s religious, educational, social and cultural needs following the conflict in the Balkans and the genocide in Kosova.

The increase number of our community required such an institution to assist and intervene in the needs of our community, provide necessary information about local customs, language, culture and religion, this to enable our community to integrate easier and at same time to keep our own identity, culture and religion.

Our Vision is to provide a holistic range of community based social services mainly for the Albanian speaking community. All of our initiatives and activities are based upon the principles and values of the Albanian/Kosovo Culture and Islamic faith. The Centre aspires to help shape the future of the wider community whilst promoting community cohesion.

The centre has become more than just a place of religious worship, and attracts an increasing number of visitors everyday, from all ages and backgrounds. We continue to gain increasing recognition in wider society and demand for more facilities is on the rise as a result.

To help facilitate this demand, the Centre has initiated phased expansion projects, which are continuing by the grace A Allah and the support A the community.